Business Consultants are responsible for identifying areas of a business model that could be improved, and strategising how that improvement could be executed.

At Copious, our consultants will work alongside your team, giving a better understanding and connecting each area of your business seamlessly. Advising on software integration to help with dramatic growth, training staff with techniques to increase productivity and cut costs.

If you would like to increase business through the door and increase profit margins, speak with one of our consultants today.


Our consultants have a combined experience of 60 plus years in the sales arena. Ranging from face-to-face sales running large teams of men and women both door-to-door and shop based, to call centres with over 350 agents spanning the Northwest of England and various sites in South Africa.

Working and advising companies such as British Telecom (BT), Firestone and GM Motors to name a few, they have a wealth of knowledge and understand exactly what it takes to makes a company extremely successful.

They have been on steering committees for government bodies advising on best practices and often rub shoulders with members of parliament, giving them the leading edge on new practices, rules and opportunities. This knowledge can be used by your company to surpass your competitors with ease.

The main area of expertise for our consultants is the legal sector. Owning and running MOJ and FCA regulated Claims management Companies. Providing high volume, multiple work streams to law firms, owning their own firms under ABS structures and holding Senior Clerk roles at London barristers chambers, they have every level of knowledge from client acquisition to case completion.

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