Artificial Intelligence (AI)

When a computer can make autonomous decisions based on predictions derived from statistical models, it is classified as Artificial Intelligence.

At Copious, we use AI every second of the day. Its built into our very fabric and it allows us to grow quickly using information and data in a nanosecond without human intervention.

In recent years, investments from big companies have shifted the field of AI from being mostly research driven, to become a core component of a huge amount of industries. For businesses with the huge amounts of data, AI is what can give them an edge against competitors.

While the tech giants are fighting this big data 'war', AI is benefiting many companies in different industries. Copious is interested in the possibilities that AI brings on a smaller scale. With the democratisation of many AI applications, it has never been so accessible for businesses to enjoy the power of AI.

If you’re ready for your business to take a quantum leap into AI, just ask one our specialists


AI models have been developed in the fields of:



Data analytics

Evaluating data and using it to predict future behaviours.


Computer Vision

This field is focusses mainly on image and video recognition. Handwriting analysis falls into this group.


Natural Language Processing

The ability of a computer to extract key information to be used to a company’s advantage, like analysing sentiment in a piece of language, spoken or written.


Social & Emotional Intelligence

Social and emotional intelligence can profile potential customers on an individual basis across their social footprint in real-time This powerful AI can determine personalities and the way they consume media, allowing businesses to contact them I a way the client is more likely to engage.


At Copious, we had used all of the above and much more to help companies understand their existing customers, ultimately gaining many new ones in the process.

If you would like to learn more about how we can use AI in your organisation, just ask on our friendly  AI specialists for more information.

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