Copious is a Lead Generation company that is second to none.

In today’s increasingly Online world, one of the most important elements for any business is that of Lead Generation. .

A company can host the most amazing website but without actively seeking out your customers it can be very difficult to bring in the business that you deserve.

Copious is not a traditional lead generation agency. The method we follow is Pay Per Lead. We don’t agree with expensive retainer contracts or expensive set up fees. That is the old way of producing leads and is costly to the client. Instead, we work closely with you to establish how much money you earn from converting a lead. We also need to find out how good you are at converting a lead. So, for example, if we give you 50 good leads, how many can you convert?

Based on your answers we can then work out a conversion percentage and agree how much you can afford to pay for a lead to get you a good return. We carry out some research to establish how much we can generate the leads for. Next we agree a cost per lead with you and discuss how many leads you would like.

With many years of experience, we have the skills and tools to help your company rise above the competition by delivering volumes of high-quality leads.

We can help you save years of expensive trial and error by utilising our proven Lead Generation methods.

There are some often overlooked factors when it comes to online Lead generation. By working with us you can be assured that we will cover all of the following to ensure that no potential customer is overlooked:

  •   Landing Page Design using best practices
  •   Website or Landing Page loading times
  •   Clickfraud Software Implementation
  •   A/B (Split) Testing of landing pages and creatives
  •   Google Tag Manager
  •   Pixel Setup and robust testing
  •   Server/Website Security
  •   SSL Implementation
  •   Legal Compliance
  •   Trust Factors
  •   Persuasive yet compliant content
  •   Lead distribution process
  •   GDPR Law Compliance
  •   Data Validation
  •   Client System integration
  •   Chatbot development and best practices

Copious works hard to deliver qualified warm leads directly to your company. We do this by working in close partnership with our network of advertisers and social media websites in which we are able to promote your business.

If you choose us as your lead generation provider, you can be sure that we have your business needs at heart. We work tirelessly to get you the leads. You can expect daily updates on the progress of campaigns from your dedicated account manager. We keep a close eye on what your competitors are doing so that we have the leading edge in the marketing field. Goals are regularly set by the team and met with regular updates to you the customer.

Generating business leads is not easy and requires a lot of background work. Why not leave it to the experts in the field so that you can concentrate on other aspects of your business?

So, if you are a B2C type of business with a call centre, get in touch to see how we can help your business to soar.

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